Disappearing in Middle Age

It's a fact of middle age that as we move on in life, we acquire a super-power. Ordinarily, this would be something to embrace, but this super-power comes with built-in disadvantages. Somehow, as we get older, we have the power to become invisible. While there are many times when I'd like to do just that, this super-power refuses to be controlled, and asserts itself at will, especially when I'm standing in line at [...]

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The Power of “NO!”

"NO!" Two little letters. Two letters that pack a powerful punch for women. "No" is often used against us, sometimes by we, ourselves, to keep us in line. It also steals our dreams, our potential, and our joy. And let's not forget how we use it to deny ourselves. "No, I shouldn't have dessert, buy those shoes, sit and read for 20 minutes..." fill in your own blanks. But we can learn to tame [...]

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Food, Fun, and Wise Women–June 30th!

Are you ready for a great night with your friends enjoying wine and munchies? Oh, and learning some great info, too! This Thursday June 30, 4 fabulous ladies (and yes, I’m tooting my own horn–why not?!) will meet in Langhorne from 6-8 PM for a fun and informative evening geared towards women. The ticket price of $20 has been extended through June 30. Women often find themselves in a care-taker role, both in [...]

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Hello Doris! A Movie Review.

Sweet Sally Field. I can never get let go of her roll in 'The Flying Nun' which I watched (hmm) religiously as a kid. But here she is, post Forest Gump, The Amazing Spider Man and some less significant tv roles. And she brings all the things we love together---romance, youth, quirkiness and her sweet ways in her role as 'Doris'---the odd older woman who works in a Manhattan ad agency in the [...]

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On Friendship

by: Chrysa Smith When I do writing workshops with elementary school students, my assignment to them is to write about their best friend. I've gotten some sad responses, like 'I don't have a best friend' or 'my dog is my best friend' to the joyous ones: 'What if I have more than one?' And it all got me to thinking about friendship. What better time in the year to celebrate our friends? Old [...]

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Bridge of Spies: A Review

By: Chrysa Smith If you like intrigue, espionage and plain old, good acting, check out Bridge of Spies. In it, Tom Hanks plays the brilliant, good-hearted lawyer who, thanks to the government, becomes entangled in an international incident. When captured (alleged) Russian spy needs due process, Hanks is hired for the task. Defending a probable Russian spy doesn't make for many friends, but in the US, everyone has their proverbial day in court. [...]

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Labor Day Contest Alert!

By: Mary Fran Bontempo CONTEST ALERT! Happy almost Labor Day! This weekend, #notreadyforgrannypanties wants to see how you plan to #relax ! Here, we will be celebrating a summer of weddings, babies, new houses, new jobs, and family and friends. Now that the SECOND #notreadyforgrannypanties Book 'The Woman's Book of Dirty words' is available on #Amazon and #barnesandnoble we want to give YOU a copy! To enter: 1. Follow me @maryfranbontempo on Instagram [...]

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